The NAD is very excited to partner with three other organizations during this conference — the National Deaf Education Conference (NDEC) will be hosting their conference and will handle and take charge of the Education track; Deaf In Government will handle and take charge of Government Employment Training (GET);  and the Registry of Interpreters (RID) Region I will handle and take charge of the Interpreting track. The rest of the tracks are the responsibility of the NAD. Any workshop related questions can be sent to [email protected].

CEUs are available and paid for in advance during conference registration. Each partner (DIG, NDEC, RID and NAD) charges their own flat rate fee for processing of CEU’s or Certificates. CEU and Certification options are listed below.

  • DIG Certificate: ($0) DIG Certificates are provided at no charge and are designed for government employees and are from Deaf in Government. DIG Certificate recipients will receive a certificate via e-mail after the conference and do not need to sign in at each workshop.
  • NDEC Certificate: ($100) There will be a charge of $100 for NDEC Certificates which are designed for teachers K-12 and are from the Connecticut Department of Education. NDEC Certificate recipients will receive a certificate via e-mail after the conference and do not need to sign in at each workshop.
  • RID CEU’s: ($100) There will be a charge of $100 for RID CEU processing which includes all credits earned during the conference. More information on how to earn CEUs will be forthcoming.
  • NAD Certificate: ($10) There will be a charge of $10 for NAD Certificates. Recipients will receive a certificate via e-mail after the conference and do not need to sign in at each workshop. Please contact us if another format is required.

>> Specific Trainings

Racial Justice Training — Monday, July 2, 1-5p

This four-hour training for anyone who is interested in unpacking their privilege and learning about racial justice. Throughout your workplace and personal experiences, you’ve likely gleaned information and knowledge here and there related to diversity and racial justice. Whether your knowledge is limited or in-depth or somewhere in between, in this workshop, you will build a “toolbox” like they do on Saturdays at Home Depot. Contained will be a beginning framework in organizing your knowledge, unpacking privilege, discussing racial issues, touching upon other contributing and examining your past and future contributions to racial justice. Participants will have a chance to be hands-on through a mixture of presentation and discussion. Shilpa Hanumantha and Katie Cue are leading this training.

This training is $5, you can add this to your registration cart.

Read Presenters' Bios
Shilpa Hanumantha
Shilpa Hanumantha

Shilpa was born in Bangalore, India and grew up in Northern Virginia. She earned her bachelor’s degree in biology from George Mason University. Shilpa also earned two master’s degrees from Gallaudet University, one in administration and supervision and the other in clinical psychology then later received her doctorate degree in clinical psychology. Shilpa was a post-doctoral research fellow at the Visual Language and Visual Learning (VL2) center. Currently as an assistant professor, Shilpa joined the American Sign Language (ASL) Program and the Department of Psychology at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia in the fall of 2012. Shilpa also works at a private practice as a resident in clinical psychology providing comprehensive assessments for persons who are deaf and hard of hearing. Shilpa has been involved in several non-profit organizations within the deaf community over the years with the main focus to improve diversity as well as the myriad of national and international issues that affect deaf people. A practice she continues to this day, even serving as a consultant or an officer on the boards of a few organizations. In her free time, Shilpa enjoys reading psychology journals, photo-blogging, traveling to new places and trying out new spicy ethnic dishes.

Elvia Guillermo

Elvia received her Master’s degree in Administration and Supervision from Gallaudet University in D.C. Earlier, she received her Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems in Guadalajara, Mexico. She is currently the coordinator for Multicultural Student Programs (MSP) at Gallaudet University, and has been since 2003. MSP is an umbrella program under the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and the Office of Diversity and Equity for Students. MSP creates a campus environment that encourages the participation of students who are part of racial, ethnic, and international groups. Elvia is the co-founder of the Latino Deaf and Hard of Hearing Association of the Metropolitan DC Area, Inc. and was Vice President from 2005 to 2008. She was also the President of the National Council of Hispano Deaf and Hard of Hearing (now Council de Manos) from 2013 to 2015, served as Vice President during 2008 – 2012. She is the Vice President of Equity of Deaf Staff of Color at Gallaudet University. In her spare time, she enjoys reading books, painting, watching movies and riding a bike to explore beautiful D.C. She also likes going to restaurants, spending time with her friends, and having good conversations.

Katie Cue
Katie Cue
Shilpa Hanumantha
Shilpa Hanumantha