Edition #1:
Greetings NAD Delegates and Alternate Delegates!
NAD is excited to have you join us for the upcoming 54th Biennial national conference in Hartford starting on July 2nd! We are thrilled to have such diverse State Association and Organizational Affiliate members participating with the Council of Representatives (COR) this year! As part of NAD’s increased efforts to improve communications and transparency, you will be receiving weeklye-mails covering a variety of topics relating to your Delegate responsibilities during COR.
You can expect to receive an e-mail every Wednesday for the next 9  weeks up until the week of the conference. Below, please find some useful information for your review.
As always, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding these weekly updates, please feel free to e-mail Jerry Nelson, NAD Governance/COR chair at [email protected]
1)  Please plan on picking up your conference registration badge from 3:00 – 5:00pm on Monday, 7/2 (open for Delegates only).
2) . You will need your conference badge in order to attend the Delegate Networking event also on Monday 7/2 from 8:30 – 10:00pm. Additional details forthcoming.
3) There are currently 133 delegates (both regular and alternates) who plan on participating in the Council of Representatives (COR) proceedings.
4) As part of your delegate duties, please use this link to go to the 2018 Delegate Manual.
Please read through the manual carefully as this will provide you with much of the background information needed to be well prepared as a delegate.
5)  Next Tuesday, 5/15 is the last day for submitting Priority proposals. If you want to submit priority proposal, please click on the below link to complete the necessary process.
NAD wishes to thank all the NAD members who have already submitted their ideas and suggestions for helping to guide NAD for the next two years in terms of national priorities. Priorities will be reviewed and posted on the NAD website in early June.
6)  Bylaws amendments already submitted by NAD members are currently being reviewed and will be posted on the NAD website by early June for viewing. The deadline for submissions has closed as of 5/3.
7) . It is important that you check out the Delegate Roster at:
    a)  If your name is black and bold, you are set and all is good.  Thanks!
    b)  If your name is red, it means your membership expired or will expire before July 1, 2018.  Please renew/join your membership at https://www.nad.org/join/
    c)  If your name is black but not bold, your membership is under review by NAD headquarters.
7) Video training modules covering relevant COR topics are now available at the below link. All delegates will be expected to view each of the video training modules and complete a short viewing survey prior to the conference. These videos will help delegates be better prepared during their time with COR business meetings.
Thank you for taking the time to read this 1st edition of the NAD Delegate Updates! Catch you next week with more updates!
Go NAD!!!