All NAD workshops, sessions, events, etc. will be voice interpreted and CART/Captioned unless the presenter is not using ASL then we will have an ASL interpreter available next to the presenter. NAD Conference is an ASL-Friendly space. If you rely on voice interpreting, please pick up an assistive listening device from NAD Registration.

» Opening Ceremony, Tuesday, July 3, 2018
During the 54th Biennial NAD Conference in the historic city of Hartford, Connecticut, our emcee, Melvin Patterson, will take us on an epic journey through two centuries of the evolution of deaf culture and American Sign Language (ASL), beginning with the arrival of French immigrant Laurent Clerc to this city as our first deaf teacher and sign master.Celebrating the diverse ways in how many people have been inspired to carry on his torch, Melvin will integrate multimedia with his live performance. This modern approach will provide glimpses of historic milestones and everlasting traditions that have cultivated and nurtured the cradle of sign language and deaf culture from around the world. Join us to payhomage to the conference’s theme, in regards to our education, heritage, and proclamation.

» pulseTHAT! Game Show & Live Auction, Wednesday, July 4, 2018
Come and cheer your regional team during the pulseTHAT! game show where four regional teams compete to name the most popular responses to survey questions. The goal for each regional team is to answer a variety of survey questions by trying to guess the most popular answer. Survey questions were previously posted to a group of 100 members within the deaf community. These same questions will be presented to the teams. Our wonderful game show host, Shelley Oishi, will lead you through a thrilling game show. Following the pulseTHAT! game show, there will be a live auction. The NAD’s fantastic auctioneers, Elisa and Ivy Velez, will lead the live auction where attendees will have an opportunity to win fantastic items!

» College Bowl, Thursday, July 5, 2018
A biennial NAD Conference tradition since 1988, the College Bowl brings together young, quick thinking students for a spirited evening of academic competition. The goals of the NAD College Bowl are to promote esprit de corps among competing colleges and within each team and to enhance the visibility of colleges serving students who are deaf and hard of hearing. During the College Bowl finals, the teams will vie for the coveted silver trophy and scholarships, as the audience tries to guess the answers along with the contestants. Come cheer your favorite team alongside Leila Hanaumi as their brains are put to the test – and find out if they are triumphantly correct or horribly wrong. Either way, enjoy the competition and test your knowledge!

» Youth Ambassador Program, Friday, July 6, 2018
The NAD Youth Ambassador Program (YAP) is a competition for deaf and hard of hearing youth ages 18 to 30. They compete to determine who will be the next NAD Youth Ambassador. The young and talented contestants from around the country have completed two rounds before the conference and then will compete in rounds three to five during the conference. The selected Youth Ambassador will work with the NAD to implement a strategic plan that addresses social issue(s), pursuing the YAP vision of Visibility, Innovation, and Sustainability (VIS). Moreover, the Youth Ambassador will represent the NAD at presentations, workshops, the Youth Leadership Camp (YLC), and other events within the deaf community. Emcees Bregitt Jimenez and Aarron Loggins will knock your socks off! This is a family-friendly event; go ahead and bring your children! This is a great way to celebrate deaf and hard of hearing youth as they are the leaders of our tomorrow!

» CAD’s ASL Rocks!, Saturday, July 7, 2018
In closing the 2018 National Association of the Deaf conference, you are invited to join the Connecticut Association of the Deaf for an evening of celebration, comedy, and reflection. ASL Rocks! will celebrate the impact of American Sign Language (ASL) in inspiring a culture and unifying the Deaf Community through a common language. ASL was developed two centuries ago with the founding of the American School for the Deaf and the New York School for the Deaf Fanwood.  Emcee Jeffrey S. Bravin will inspire all in how lives of deaf and hard of hearing children were transformed. The program includes a comedy routine by deaf storyteller Patrick “MrShineyhead” Fischer, a solo ASL presentation by artist Rosa Lee, and an entertaining act from the CODA Brothers! The evening will conclude with a Deaf Unity celebration that you will not want to miss!