Hello Delegates and Alternate Delegates,
Welcome to your NAD Delegate Weekly E-Mail News Update #2.
1) Please be advised that there are several delegates/alternate delegates that are not yet registered for the conference itself which is a requirement in order to represent your State Association or Affiliate. Conference registration is separate from Delegate registration so if you have not yet paid your NAD membership fee and/or conference fee, please click on this link here ASAP:
Conference Registration form:
****Early Bird Delegate Conference registration discount prices will end on Thursday, May 31st. Please use Promo Discount Code: DELEGATEXX
in order to receive your price reduction. The discount only applies to packages, not individual events.  There will be no extensions after this date (5/31) for the Early Bird.
NAD will not accept any new Regular Registrations after May 31st.
2) If you need any additional accommodations during COR such as Deaf Blind or Pro-Tactile Interpreter, Wheelchair space, Close Range Seating, Extra lighting, or Large Print, etc, please be sure to contact Jerry at [email protected] ASAP.
3)  The Council of Representatives (COR) will be entering a new era of delegate voting for priorities with an electronic system. An interactive response technology/system (a.k.a. clicker), a form of electronic voting system will be used for voting throughout the Council of Representatives. Each delegate or alternate delegate shall be assigned unique clicker to conduct voting during COR. In the next several weeks, a Powerpoint and video will be provided.  Training will be provided during delegate networking on Monday, July 2  to become more familiar with the electronic voting process.
4)   Later there will be an opportunity for delegates to have pre-COR video (VP) conference briefings to ask questions about COR and get to “see” some delegates ahead of Hartford. In the future E-Mail News Updates, there will be (3) three dates and times to sign up for this “meet and greet” opportunity which was beneficial for several delegates two years ago. First timers are especially encouraged to participate.
5) NAD is seeking board candidates in Hartford! To find out more information regarding election process and candidacy requirements, click on:
Deadline is May 22, 2018.
6) This year in Hartford, we are excited to announce two dynamic trainings!

Racial Justice Training — Monday, July 2, 1-5p This four-hour training for anyone who is interested in unpacking their privilege and learning about racial justice. Throughout your workplace and personal experiences, you’ve likely gleaned information and knowledge here and there related to diversity and racial justice. Whether your knowledge is limited or in-depth or somewhere in between, in this workshop, you will build a “toolbox” like they do on Saturdays at Home Depot. Contained will be a beginning framework in organizing your knowledge, unpacking privilege, discussing racial issues, touching upon other contributing and examining your past and future contributions to racial justice. Participants will have a chance to be hands-on through a mixture of presentation and discussion. Shilpa Hanumantha and Katie Cue are leading this training. This training is $5, you can add this to your conference registration cart.

The Real Way to Be Normal Around Deafblind People — Saturday, July 7, 1-5pm   This four-hour training will be available for anyone who is interested in learning about Protactile; it is pro-touch, pro-experience and pro-responsibility. Historically, DeafBlind people have experienced isolation and oppression, even from members of the Deaf community. With a deeper understanding of Protactile philosophy and attitude, we can bridge this gap. Protactile is the socio-cultural philosophy currently shaping all DeafBlind practices- linguistics, interpersonal, and political. This workshop will focus on how the Deaf and DeafBlind communities can form connections, work, and socialize together in a way that is inclusive and respectful of everyone. AJ Granda and Sarah Morrison are leading this training. This training is $5, you can add this to your conference registration cart.

Go NAD!!!