Greetings Delegates and Alternate Delegates!

Please review the delegate roster as there has been some recent additions – find out who will be there with you!

Interesting tidbits…as of 6/6/18:

–134 delegates

–40 alternate delegates

–45% are returning delegates

–55% are first time delegates

1)   Below, please find the attachment for the newly released 2018-2020 Priority Proposals that were submitted to NAD. It is very important that all delegates become familiar with these proposals prior to COR since you will be voting on these. Please be sure to share with your State Association/Affiliate members to solicit their opinions and feedback regarding which proposals should help guide NAD for the next two years.

2) The NAD Board is pleased to announce that we are rolling out a new communication channel to better prepare delegates for the upcoming NAD Council of Representatives (COR) meetings.

That is using the webinar approach.  If you are not familiar with this, it is a video presentation touching on different topics of interest to delegates.  There is one presenter and several panelists from the NAD Board.  Attendees will see the presenter only and no one else.  The presenter provides information while the panelist assist with answering attendees’ questions through a Q&A board.

For the upcoming delegate webinars, all delegates receive an invitation to attend one or more webinars by Zoom.  This is NOT the same as the Zoom video conferencing.  Webinar registration is required – more the invitations and details below.

NAD will do three webinars. All will have same information. You, as a delegate, only need to attend one of them.  However, if you want to see it again, you can do that.  There is no limit as to how many delegates can attend the webinar at a time.

Following are the details for the upcoming delegate webinars:

All webinars will one hour, with 50 minutes focused on presenting information and last 10 minutes for last minute questions.

I will be the presenter.  Two or three board members will be the panelists to answer questions typed via Q&A box.  Do not use the Chat box.

Once you sign into the webinar, you will only see me as the presenter.  You will not see yourself.

Right after you sign into webinar, go to the bottom of webinar frame and click Q&A.  The Q&A box will pop up.  Use that box to ask questions related to what is being presented.  The panelists will answer questions in the Q&A box.  If there are lots of questions, panelists will do their best to answer as many questions as possible.

NOTE: some of you tried to register for June 7th webinar and registration showed 6:30 pm CT– this has been fixed – actual time is 6:30 pm ET.

Thursday June 7 at 630 pm ET – Registration:

Wednesday June 13 at 800 pm ET – Registration:

Tuesday June 19 at 930 pm ET – Registration:

Delegates MUST register in order to participate in the webinar.  If you don’t register then you will not be able to participate. After registering, you will receive the link to use for joining the meeting. It will be a UNIQUE link for you only.  It can’t be shared with others.

3) If you have not yet watched the various COR related videos, please be sure to click on this link to help be better prepared for your duties:

It is very important that all delegates, both returning and new have viewed these videos. If you are a new delegate within your State Association/Affiliate, these videos will be very helpful.

4) For State Association Presidents and Affiliates/Designees:

Dinner begins at 5:30 pm and ends at 7 pm.

A friendly reminder to your Region SA Presidents to buy a ticket for the Affiliate and State Association Dinner before June 20th. We cannot accept payments after June 20th. No exceptions.


For the Affiliate and State Association Dinner, please RSVP.  Please reserve your ticket ($50.06) if you have not registered.

5)   Here is the link below to the upcoming COR schedule for Delegates. It is imperative that you be on time and prompt for all relevant events, especially for COR sessions.

Go NAD!!!!