Welcome to Edition #6 of your Delegate weekly email news blast.

1) Thank you to all the delegates/alternate delegates who participated in the 1st Webinar last week. We hope this helpful for those who joined. Tonight will be our 2nd webinar. Please refer to your e-mail from yesterday regarding sign-in.  Lasts week we had about 20 registrants.  Tonight, we expect over 35 registrants.

As for the webinars, if you are unable to make either tonight or next Tuesday webinar, you are STRONGLY advised to register for it anyway.  The reason is that once you register, the webinar recording will be placed in the cloud.  You will receive a link to view the recording at a later time, thereby called ‘on-demand’.

2) One of the topics that was discussed during the Webinar included the importance of being on time during the entire duration of COR. It is very important to plan your schedules to be checked in and seated by the time each COR Session is set to begin as well as ensuring you give yourself enough time to return back to the afternoon sessions following lunch break. Your help in being punctual will be greatly appreciated by all involved.

3) What to wear during COR? Business casual is strongly encouraged as COR is considered an official business meeting from Tuesday AM through Thurs AM.

This can include polo shirts/blouses, khaki pants and slacks, etc.

Please refrain from wearing flip flops, daisy duke shorts, tank tops, muscle t-shirts, etc. The hotel and convention center will be very cool with air conditioning throughout the premises. You might want to bring a sweater or light jacket if sensitive to cold air inside.

4) The conference registration desk will be open for Delegates on Monday, 7/2 from 3-5pm for delegates to pick up your conference badge and tote bag at the Hartford Convention Center. Please be sure to have your badge handy for the SA President’s dinner if you are the designee as well as for the Delegate Networking event.  If you are unable to pick up your badge/tote bag on Monday afternoon 7/2 between 3-5pm, please be sure to make arrangements to pick up your badge/tote bag on Tuesday, 7/3 at 7:30am sharp in the Hartford Convention Center BEFORE COR starts at 8:00am. All delegates MUST have their conference badge before COR check-in.  

5) If you expect to be late for the start of COR Session I, please be sure to contact your alternate delegate or other regular delegates to make arrangements for coverage if possible. If there is a change in delegates, please be sure to notify the COR check in desk to update your State Association/Affiliate roster.

6) A very important part of COR is maintaining decorum and mutual respect with regard to business meeting etiquette. All delegates are asked to refrain from extended side conversations, texting/e-mailing, etc during COR as this can be distracting to others. In addition, please hold off from sending social media updates pertaining to COR while in session. There will be breaks and recess time for this purpose.

More coming next week…stay tuned.

Go NAD!!!


Chair of NAD Governance Committee