Greetings Delegates and Alternate Delegates!
Welcome to Edition #7 of your Delegate weekly email news blast.
1) Thank you to everyone who joined one or more of the 3 Delegate Webinars. We had over 150 delegates/alternate delegates who registered throughout the three webinars.  Many people commented positively on the ease and use of this communication tool in preparation for COR. If you missed one of these sessions, you can access a recorded version of Session #3 at this link here, which will require registration to view:
2) The Bylaws Amendment proposals are now available to review at:
3) Priority Proposals from the Steering Committee are also now available for your review. Six tracks have been established.  It is imperative that you review these prior to COR and the General Forum. Please go to: 
4) Please be sure to read through the Delegates Manual if you have not already done so. There are a lot of important details during COR in which the Delegate Manual will help explain and clarify. Here is the Delegates tab link again to review under “2018 Delegates Manual” at:
5) Last call for candidates interested in running for a board officer or regional board member seat can check out the requirements at:
Still want to apply?, please complete all required information at this link:
6) The first batch of committee reports are now available!  More will be added as they become available. Extremely important to review all videos or transcripts prior to COR, as only brief summaries will be shown at COR before the floor is opened for questions.

View COR reports at:

Check back next week for additional reports!
7)  Please review the COR schedule SA Presidents Dinner (Advance registration required) and Delegate Networking times as well as the rest of the week with COR and Caucus times here at:
8)  Reminder, please try to arrive in Hartford on Monday, July 1st in time for Delegate/Alternate Delegate conference special registration between 3-5pm at the Convention Center to pick up your conference badge. Spouses, roommates and other individuals will not be allowed to register at this time as this is for Delegates/Alternates only.
9)  Delegates or Alternates without conference badges will still be able to attend Delegate Networking but will definitely need badges Tuesday morning for COR.
There will be early morning registration starting at 7:30am on Tuesday, July 3rd to obtain your conference badge before COR starts. Please make all efforts to secure your badges before 8:00am when COR Session I begins.
10) COR group seating arrangements and floor plan is now available for viewing at:
The last edition (#8) of the Delegates Weekly E-Blast will be sent out next week on Wed, 6/27.
Go NAD!!!